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 BV-2 Departure from Busan to Andong Daily Tour (Full day)
Tour No. : BV-2
Price : 250,000won / $250 / per person
No. of people : minimum 2person
Time : 07:00 ~ 22:00
Conditions : Guide, Transportation, Pick-up service, Entrance fee, Taxes
► Price 
*250,000won / $250 (minimum 4person)
*300,000won / $300 (minimum 2person)

► Itinerary
Day 1





Hotel Pick-up (Busan Hotel)
Hahoe Village
Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy
Bongjeongsa Temple                 
Drop off at Hotel (Busan Hotel)

► Conditions
* English Speaking Guide
* Hotel pick up Service, Transportation 
* Entrance fee
* Taxes

► Remarks
* No shopping center!

► Description

Hahoe Village
Andong Hahoe Village has preserved the housing architecture and the village structure of the Joseon dynasty. Moreover, the village was not artificially created; there are people who actually live there.
Three sides of Hahoe Village (Main Folk Asset No.122) is surrounded by the Nakdonggang River. Because the river swirls around the village, the village is named Hahoe(河回), and is also called the spinning river village.
Next to Hahoe village are many pine trees and a soft sand plain, and across from it are beautiful cliffs. The public knew this village by a Confusian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910), Gyeomam Yu Un-Ryong (1539~1601) and Seoae Yu Seong-Ryong (1542~1607) who had done great deeds during the Imjin War (Japanese invasion in 1592).

Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy
Byeongsanseowon is a Confucian school that was established by esteemed Confucian scholars to pay tribute to the memory of Seong-nyong Yu (1542-1607), who was well-respected for his writings and personality. His mortuary tablet is enshrined at this school. Around the time of 1863, Confucian schools enjoyed many freedoms under the Joseon rule, students and scholars of the school were exempt from taxation and other expenses. Byeongsan Seowon was one of 47 places in all of Korea and 2 in Andong not destroyed during the rule of Daewongun [Politician of Joseon Imperial family, 1820 ~ 1898] in 1868.

Bongjeongsa Temple
Bongjeongsa Temple was built in the 12th year of King Munmu (reign from 661~681) of the Silla Dynasty as, according to the legend, the Great Buddist Monk Ui-Sang (625~702) launched from Buseoksa Temple landed on this spot. Documents from Geuknakjeon state that Neungin Daedeuk, a disciple of Monk Ui-Sang, had established the temple and it has been rebuilt several times during the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910).

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